Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Most Important Super Bowl Commercial

It is no surprise that millions of Americans will turn on their televisions this evening to watch the Super Bowl, but what may come as a surprise is a commercial that is expected to air during the first quarter.

Unlike the majority of Super Bowl commercials that air with the intention of being funny, this one has a different effect. For the first time ever, there will be a Super Bowl commercial addressing domestic violence and sexual assault, an issue which strongly needs to be addressed.

This brilliant video illustrates a real situation in which a woman called 911 pretending to order a pizza, so someone in her house (inferred to be a man assaulting her) would not know she was actually calling 911. The eerie and shocking video is part of the "NO MORE" movement, which is a campaign created by the NFL to "to raise public awareness and engage bystanders." 

The fact that this commercial will air during the Super Bowl is extremely appropriate given the NFL's past with domestic violence. This year, Ray Rice from the Baltimore Ravens assaulted his wife, and the news of this situation became very well-known and tarnished NFL's reputation. 

In October, Isabelle wrote a very relevant blog post about domestic violence in the NFL and how the NFL was choosing to highlight "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" instead of "Domestic Violence Awareness Month." Isabelle proposed that this was NFL's way of distracting from the fact that players in the NFL have been arrested for domestic violence.

By airing this commercial and promoting the "NO MORE" movement, the NFL finally is addressing the issue of domestic violence and sexual assault that occurs not only in the NFL, but in America as a whole. I am very glad that the NFL finally decided to raise awareness toward this issue, and to do so during the most watched television event of the year is sure to make a strong statement.

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