Sunday, November 30, 2014

Shopping > Thanksgiving?

When Americans think of Thanksgiving, typically they think of food, family, and now shopping?

Almost two weeks ago, Rayna wrote a blog post about how stores were starting their Black Friday sales early by opening their stores to Black Friday costumers at six on Thanksgiving. Throughout the post, Rayna explained the idea that by starting Black Friday on Thanksgiving, Americans might possibly be lured away from family time on Thanksgiving in order to be the first to get the Black Friday deals. I agreed that this marketing technique would pull people away from their Thanksgiving; however, I secretly hoped this would not actually be the case.

Nevertheless, the prediction was accurate. The number of sales on the real Black Friday dropped seven percent and the sales on Thanksgiving jumped 24 percent. More than 15,000 people were lined outside of the Macy's in New York City by six on Thursday. These people must have gotten there even earlier than six in order to get a good place in line. How much time on Thanksgiving did these people devote to shopping? Americans spent 3.2 billion dollars on Thanksgiving, a day intended to focus on what you are thankful for, not what you need to get.

Major stores began starting their Black Friday sales on Thursday last year; however, this year even more stores, many of which are large retail stores, joined in. Unfortunately, it would be very hard to prevent stores from doing this, especially if the number of sales keeps raising exponentially every year. This is only going to cause more and more stores to do this, thus ending the traditional "Thanksgiving".

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