Saturday, November 8, 2014

Media Spreading Positivity

Last week, I wrote a blog post about a disgusting article, which discussed the top reasons why a man should date a girl with an eating disorder. I stumbled upon this article on my Facebook newsfeed and was appalled to see how certain people are using the power of media to spread messages that encourage something as severe and harmful as an eating disorder. However, this week, I was beyond thrilled to see a positive video on my newsfeed about the same topic of body image.

I strongly encourage everyone to watch this video from 0:27-3:43.

This video asks fifty people of all different ages the same question: What would you change about your body? The adults all answered the question easily, saying things such as their skin, the size of their eyes, and their forehead. However, when kids were posed with the same question, it took them awhile to think about their response. Finally, they said things like, "I wish I had wings" or "I wish I had a mermaid tail" or "I wouldn't change anything really!".

I think this video is truly remarkable to say the least. It captures children's thoughts on their bodies. These children have yet to be exposed to the negative media such as articles like this that tells them how they should look and defines "beauty". The young children are perfectly happy with their bodies (with the exception of not having wings or a mermaid tail) due to their lack of exposure to harmful media. Unfortunately, the negative media in American society is inevitable, and this video shows just how much it impacts people. 

Thankfully, the Jubilee Project is using the generally harmful power of the media (in terms of body image) to promote confidence. They make short videos, like this one, to encourage good in the world in collaboration with non-profits. This video was created in collaboration with iNature Skincare, which makes this video even more powerful. Most skincare brands promote changing one's skin to make it better; however, by creating this video, this brand is promoting confidence in our own skin as it is. While it disturbs me that some Americans use the media harmfully (especially to the extent of promoting a mental illness), the Americans that are creating these inspiring videos with the sole purpose to help someone makes me proud to be an American. These businesses do not ask for any money in return, for they only care about promoting good in society. 

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  1. Claire-

    It sounds like your newsfeed has been contradicting itself. I think this video is absolutely remarkable and shocking! I didn't realize that the kids would say such different things than the adults. It reminds me a lot of the Dove Campaign. The video ends by asking when the last time we were comfortable in our own skin was and I truly have no response for that question. I think it is very powerful and can make a positive impact on many people.