Sunday, November 2, 2014

Media is Out of Control.

My Facebook newsfeed is often overflowed with different links and advertisements, but the other day, I saw one that I could not just simply scroll past.

It was entitled, "Reasons to Date a Girl with an Eating Disorder."

The title itself disgusted me; however, the article proved to be even worse. It gave reasons for boys to date girls with eating disorders such as saying they are more attractive, they are cheaper dates because they won't eat, they are vulnerable and fragile, and they are most likely wealthy. Not only are these reasons outrageous, but the author also generalizes the people who have eating disorders. The first sentence of the article reads, "'Nothing screams white-girl problems louder than a good old-fashioned eating disorder.'" He stereotypes all these people suffering with their appearance by saying they are all white girls, and later on goes on to saying they are all weak and wealthy. Even the picture associated with the article illustrates a white woman who clearly is upper-class due to her clothing.

When I looked at the date of this article, I was shocked that it was written almost a year ago; however, since it appeared on my newsfeed only one week ago, it proves the media really never disappears. Once something is online, it is permanent and anyone has access to it. The fact that this article was advertised on Facebook shocked me, for many girls on Facebook are already insecure about their bodies, and to girls with eating disorders, this article could further encourage them to obsess over their weight. 10% of college girls suffer from eating disorders, and I am sure almost all of those girls have Facebooks. Seeing this article could easily worsen their disorder.

The author of this article uses a pseudonym ("Tuthmosis") and writes posts for Return of Kings, the website in which the article was posted, and BuzzFeed, a very popular news and entertainment site right now. Many people hesitated to write frustrated responses about the issue because they did not want to draw more attention to the article; however, inevitably, if this article was on Facebook (and still continues to be a year later), people are going to notice it. It is important people discuss how wrong this issue is. One of the main things morals of American society is knowing right from wrong, and it is important everyone knows writing articles like this is wrong and needs to be prevented.


  1. Claire-
    I was shocked when I read your post, because that ad is awful. Body image is a huge problem in today's society, especially with girls, and this ad shows why. Because the media is promoting eating disorders in ways that ensure the views of teens everywhere (i.e. Facebook), body image problems are multiplying each day. This needs to be stopped, and the first step is to remove all ads like this one from the media, because I believe that is the root of the problem.

  2. I think this is outrageous and the reasons the author gave are even worse! This post inspired to write about the article you found. Here is the link to my post:

  3. Claire-
    I couldn't agree with you more. I saw this on my Facebook feed as well, and was indeed appalled. I couldn't believe someone would write about something so serious and personal, in this joking sort of way. As a dancer, I've known girls, even close friends, in the past that have suffered from eating disorders, and it is truly horrible to see what they go through. This article is basically saying that girls who struggle with their body image everyday, should be taken advantage of by guys, because they are already emotionally damaged. Your blog post was strong though, and I'm glad you brought up this issue.