Saturday, October 18, 2014

Is the Catholic Church Outdated?

It is no surprise that our world is constantly changing. Life in America in 2014 is far different than life in the 1900s, 1800s, etc... so imagine life during the Biblical times. The Catholic Church uses the Bible to guide their beliefs, a holy book created thousands of years ago. However, society has changed tremendously since then, and now I believe the Catholic Church needs to modernize their beliefs, especially about homosexuality.

This week, Pope Francis called a meeting to discuss modernizing the Catholic Church by becoming more welcoming toward gay people, along with unmarried couples and divorced Catholics who choose to remarry. Years ago, these situations would have been described by the church as "living in sin"; however, now, more and more people are proving to be tolerant and accepting toward these situations. While nothing has been changed yet, the pope's synod called attention to the issue, and it will be rediscussed next October in another synod. Many bishops are still resisting the idea of becoming more welcoming to homosexuals.

From what I see around me, many people are very accepting toward gay marriage and gay rights, despite their Catholic religion. In 31 states, gay marriage is legal. America is progressing in tolerance regardless of what the Bible states. There are Catholic homosexuals in America today, who long to feel accepted in the church. Just because they like people the same sex as them, does not mean they cannot contribute everything a heterosexual person could to the church.

It would not be the first time Catholics have changed what they value in order to keep up with society. Long ago, marriage was seen as "a lesser path to holiness". It was not until the 16th Century that marriage became a sacrament for Catholics and was fully welcomed. The Catholic Church adjusted to change in society then, and it needs to do the same now in response to tolerance toward homosexuals. Many Americans value religion, but like many other aspects of our world - technology, medicine, etc. - it needs to be updated to keep up with our rapidly growing world.

To what extent does religion need to keep up with society? What would be the effects if religions, such as Catholicism, did not update their beliefs?

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  1. I completely agree with you Claire. I feel that religioin should always be keeping up with society. Religion is meant to help guide people as to how to live, and if it is not up to date with society then its advice is virtually meaningless. If a religion did not update their beliefs, there would be major pushbacks from people, as we have seen with how people are forming together and advocating for gay rights in the church.